In purpose of improving automatic speech recognition rate on embedded device, we've decided to use the FAME strategy known as "Frequency and Amplitude Modulation Encoding" proposed by Wei-Dong Wang, Hong-Yun Liu, Hu Yuan and Qing Ang in their article A New Speech Coding Strategy for Cochlear Implant which is based on the fact that speech signal can be represented as a sum of signals in given subbands and is expressed by the following equation.

$$y(t) = \sum_{k=0}^{N}{m_k(t) * \cos[2\pi\textit{f}_{c_k}(t)  + \phi(t)]}  $$


$$y(t)$$ : Represent the synthesized signal.
$$N$$ : The number of subbands
$$m_k$$ : The \(k^{th}\) band amplitude signal that modulate the carrier signal. 
$$\textit{f}_{c_k}(t)$$ : The \(k^{th}\) band central frequency.
$$\phi(t)$$ : The signal phase 

we can summurise the FAME strategy with the following graphic


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